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Uber Health: The Healthiest Town in America

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The 2019 Brand X Challenge was a national design competition developed and hosted by EventMarketer in partnership with MAS Event + Design and Uber Health. Over 250 student teams from universities across the United States competed to develop a hypothetical experience based marketing campaign for Uber Health.

Ben Red and I worked together on this project and submitted under the moniker, Team EightTwentySeven. I worked on the user journey maps/flows, UX/UI design, identity design, assets, event design, & art direction. Ben worked on the campaign strategy, event design, identity design, pitch deck design, and storytelling.

Other top schoools that competed were Berkley, NYU, University of Pennsylvania, and Pratt Institute. Judges were marketers from Anheuser-Busch, Audi, Cisco, eBay, Facebook, General Motors, Google, Intel, LL Bean, Marriott, Xbox, MobileIron, Nestle, Oracle, Pfizer, Philips Healthcare, Salesforce, SAP, Sephora, Sleep Number, State Farm, UFC, Under Armour, Verizon, YouTube and Zillow.

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To design a “Healthiest Town in America” campaign focused on using Uber to connect driver-partners, riders and healthcare providers in the U.S.


Before we started working on the campaign, it was important that we set ourselves timelines as we were both full time students from different colleges at Drexel.

Taking inspiration from Google’s Design Sprint methodology , I adapted it to our needs and created a schedule for us to follow leading up to the submission date of the contest.

To view the schedule, click here.

We really kicked our work in Phase 1 of the design sprint. When we came together, we asked ourselves: what does it mean to be healthy? We organized our post-it note sessions into the following buckets:


Not smoking

Not taking drugs

Not Drinking

Proper Hygiene

Balanced Diet (see “Healthy Diet”)

Healthy Diet

Balanced nutritional intake

Low salt foods (low sodium)

Lower caffeine intake

Replace heavier snacks with fruits/veggies

Drinking water / staying hydrated


Being able to enjoy life

Achieving balance

Adapting to adversity

Feeling safe / secure

Not worrying about your own health


Having good mental health

Healthy coping strategies for when you are ill

Getting rewarded for taking care of yourself by friends

Breathing (for your mental health)

Treating yourself once in a while


Being free from disease

Being physically in shape/fit

Maintaining peak performance of bodily functions

Getting an adequate amount of sleep

Being able to walk places / personal mobility

Autonomy over your body

After we had a better understanding of what good health was, we also had to figure out where the campaign will take place. After looking into several cities, we ultimately landed on our hometown: Philadelphia. As Philly natives, we saw a lot of benefits of hosting the campaign in our city including our familiarity of its infrastructure, industries, and layout.

And it just felt so right to design something for the city I call home! 😌 (Okay talk to me about the best places to eat cake and steak here)

As we progressed further in our work, we really focused on the following question: How do you unite three separate groups of people together in an interactive experience?

We continued to follow the sprint schedule until we formed the final campaign.


Current Uber branding guidelines require that typography sits flush left. Both photography and vector are used in a way that elicits movement. This particular campaign had a custom logo and vector created for its activation spaces, inspired by the city of Philadelphia.

Uber Health branding

Preleading the event: There will be social media advertisements and activation stands in healthcare conventions/ in Philly encouraging people to sign up . To reinforce anticipation, teaser campaigns will be used a few weeks before the event.

Subway ads for Uber Health Campaigns

Subway ad for the SEPTA MFL/BSL line. Click on the image to view more of the activation spaces

Social Media: Ads will be specifically tailored to each sector of the target audience.

In app ad for drivers

Ad on Uber's native app. Click on the image to view more ad concepts.

Signing Up: Users will be directed towards a microsite that will guide them to register for the event. To view an InVision demo of the site, click here.

Doctor Lanyards

Getting Identification: Registered users will get a lanyard upon checking in.

Doctor Lanyards

Lanyard for a healthcare provider. Click on the image to view more lanyard variations.

Day of the Event: Registered users will get a lanyard upon checking in and will collect components of the health kit throughout the race. They will visit the three pillars of health: mental, physical, and social. These mini activation spaces are placed throughout high traffic areas in Philadelphia in order to create buzz as riders participate in the day of the event.

Start at City Hall

The start of the race. City Hall, Philadelphia. Click on the image to view the other pillars.

On the other end of the race are health care providers who are managing their team through the customized Uber Health app.

Customized dashboard based off of the Uber Health dashboard

Completed Health Kit: Items included are a water bottle, vouchers for free Uber rides, jump rope, a stress ball, and a booklet to record activities.

The completed Health Kit: items included are a water bottle, vouchers for free Uber rides, jump rope, a stress ball, and a booklet to record activities

Shareable Moments: There are multiple channels that wil be used for engagement during the event. One is on the Uber app. The other is on Snapchat.

Mental Pillar

In app experirence on the day of the event. Click on the image to view more.

Success: The criteria for this campaign's success is determined by its ability to satisfy the outlined business objectives: develop new business partnerships to increase sales revenue while raising awareness of improved access to healthcare. By acheiving these goals, Uber Health will make Philadelphia The Healthiest Town in America.

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