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We want to help make the transition to learning braille easy

We want to help make the transition to learning braille easy Let's destigmatize learning braille!

Let’s destigmatize learning braille!

Do you take your vision for granted?

1 out of every 8 people do, actually*

Of 7.7 billion people in the world, at least 1 billion have a vision impairment that could have been prevented or yet to be addressed.
 See Figure 1 for more information.

Figure 1
A graphic of a pair of broken glasses laid amongst 7 other unbroken glasses
Source: WHO


Visual impairment is so common that 1 out of every 3 people have a degree of it

Age is one of many factors that can affect your vision. Check out the chart on the right to learn more about the age group you’re in. See Figure 2 for more information.

Figure 2
The percentage of the Internationa Population who are Visually Impaired broken down by age are as follows, 27.77% for Ages 50+, 2.04% for Ages 0-14, 4.52% for Ages 15-49, and 65%.67% for Full Sighted/ the rest of the population
Note: Visual impairment includes those who have low vision or are blind.

With the right care it’s possible to fix issues related to sight, but we understand that this isn’t the case for everyone.

When we lose our vision, we scramble to learn and adjust to our new lifestyles.

We’re so used to seeing the English alphabet, that it becomes a struggle for us to relearn it again in braille. We purchase books, tools, and other accessories that are both arduous on our wallets and on our minds.

Looking at a bunch of dots can be intimidating. We believe in handling one thing at a time, so we simplified and made the learning process free for you!


Test yourself right now

Do you know what this is?

Click on the card to flip it over for the answer and see how easy it is to learn braille with one of our free resources! (Screen reader users, you'll know what the answer is!)

bean in braille
bean in Tran sans

You can always learn at anytime and at any age.