purveyor of popcorn, chips, and hiking, sabrina tran is a multidisciplinary designer who specializes in typography, illustration, and customer experience.

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A Foodie's Field Guide to The Reading Terminal

Born and raised in Philadelphia, I am no stranger to the Reading Terminal. There are so many wonderful things about them. They have killer donuts, amazing reuben egg sandwiches, banging hot wings, fruit smoothies, and so many other cuisines. If you're unfamiliar with the Reading Terminal, I highly reccommend checking this out and hopefully visit the place one day!

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dive a little deeper into my brain

we get it- you do design things. you’re a designer. you do the design thing. design, design, design, yada yada yada— but what are you like as a person? where does the inspiration come from? if you want to know where all of the magic happens, that’ll be on youtube!

i’ve curated an experimental (warning: kinda buggy but the links work!) playlist of videos i enjoy watching and I hope you enjoy them too! i highly advise checking one or two of these out during your coffee break, commute, or even that highly anticipated bathroom trip during a long meeting.

(you can't ignore the video about chips that are so good you have to go to jail for them)

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