Exquisite Corpse

Branding & Identity, Exhibit Design

Summer 2019

An interactive satellite kiosk spotlighting the Mütter Museum’s temporary exhibit: Imperfecta, which is about previous perceptions of teratology and of the supernatural. The visual language consists of Victorian type, colors, and woodblock prints. Inspired by the Surrealist drawing game, the triangular prisms can be turned to create new monsters and involves the viewer by using their reflections. Promotional materials included are invitations to the opening ceremony for Mütter members as well as a party hat for those who attend the event.


From ideation to creation, research is converted into motifs which are refined throughout each step of this poster's process. More information can be found through the gallery about each phase.

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    visual language

    Typography was selected for their ability to paint an atmosphere as well as for their legibility when scaled up. The color palette was taken from colors used on the exteriors of Victorian architecture to bolster the 'vintage' feeling people would get as they pass through the exhibit.

    Celestial Header Font
    Header: Celestial Regular
    Knockout Subheader
    Sub-Header: Knockout Bantamweight
    Body: Miller
    • primary colors
    • #3C2928

    • #393449

    • #FFFCEB

    secondary colors
    • #E2C073

    • #A488AE

    • #609A89

    • #B94761

    • #DF9B4F

    • #858C79

    • #7F768E


    There are three levels of heights for children, adults, and the handicapped. The smallest blocks act as a chair for people to become a 'creature' themselves when they sit down on it. The second highest blocks are for children, who might be more interested in engaging with the kiosk rather than reading secondary information. And for anyone else, fun facts are placed between the tallest blocks so that they have a better understanding of what the kiosk is trying to promote. There are also certain panels with mirrors on it so that the viewer can view themselves as a part of the exhibit.

    Marketing Collateral: Invitations will be sent weeks prior to the grand opening of this pop-up exhibit to current members of the Mütter Museum. At the grand opening of the event, there will be party hats that will be passed out to attendees.