Brendan Fernandes: We Want a We

Exhibit Design

Winter 2020

A collaborative project between Brendan Fernandes and multiple entities at Drexel including Mark Stockton, Performing Arts Department, Graphic Design Department, Art and Art History Department, and much more. This exhibit was held in the Pearlstein Gallery from January 15th - March 15th, 2020. Interior graphics were produced to create spaces where the dancers could react to. In the weeks leading up to the main performance, dancers would activate the wall graphics through movement. For a final culmination of the exhibit, the final performance was spent wiping down the text in the window facing Westphal.

Flash Art Press Release

Pearlstein Gallery Archive


This project was a collaboration between Matthew Barnett and me. We collaborated to make wall graphics for the Pearlstein Gallery under the guide of Mark Stockton + Jody Graff. We also helped with installation and building out the elements that were designed, including the nude walls, large text, and floor graphics.


After creating digital graphics, Matt and I helped build them out. Photography is done by Matt Barnett and Mark Stockton.