Philadephia International Airport Website Refresh

Web Design

Fall 2018- Winter 2019

The Tactile Group was contracted to redesign/build the PHL Airport's website for the Summer of 2019. The stakeholders wanted to liven up their site by bringing fresh typography, colors, and imagery that would rival that of their surrounding competitors while maintaining good usability. This was the design team's solution to the challenge.

MARCOM Award Winner


Under the lead of the senior UX designer, Stephanie Mordente, I got to work on user research, identifying pain points, site mapping, story boarding, and reorganizing the site structure in the initial phase of the redesign. Afterwards, we worked to build a mood board that would be presented to the stakeholders and built preliminary wireframes based off of their feedback. I worked on typography, designing micro animations for user interactions, as well as desigining and refining certain pages for the website. More information will be posted in future as I wait approval for personal work to be posted on my website! Check back for more in the future or contact me if you have any further questions!


After many brainstorming sessions, the design team at the Tactile Group were able to land on a final design with stakeholders. This is the landing page for the Philadelphia International Airport. To go to the website, click here.