NiCHTS: An Existential Crisis Kit

Packaging, Branding & Identity

Fall 2019

An experimental kit that contains all of the necessary tools to combat your everyday existential crises: NiCHTS is not for the feeble minded. The contents are stacked so that users can 'go deeper down the rabbit hole' as they work their way through. Essentially, this box is a physical metaphor that questions and engages the user in an objective fashion.


In the conceptualization phase, I experienced an existential crisis myself. How do you create visualizations for essentially nothing? Turns out, the DADAists figured this one out first. So I took inspiration from their movement as the starting point for my project. I looked at several publications and the kinds of rules that they would use as well as the ways they broke the rules in their attempts to not conform to an aesthetic. Click on the slide for more information about each step of my process!

  • Research
  • Logos + Type lockups for NiCHTS
  • Life is a Crisis
  • And Death is her Sister
  • Initial attempt at creating graphics to wrap around a box
  • Messing around with type as image
  • Simplifying the type for easy consumption
  • Collage with DADA techniques
  • Collage + Type
  • potential graphics to use for wraps around products


    The NiCHTS existential crisis kit contains 4 items that are meant to be experienced in succession after one another. This is to bolster the idea that there is a systematic way to approach a crisis as well as to make it a fun surpise for the user each time they open a new box.