Univers Poster

Typography, Poster Design

Winter 2018

This poster won the bronze award in the print category for Student work at the Creativity International Awards 48th annual. This poster embodies the cultural impact that the typeface, Univers, made on Swiss design and on technology in general. Initial research was done on its creation, its use, and its applicability in the real world then applied to form studies, which eventually became this poster. The overall goal was to convey the simplicity of

Bronze award for the 48th Creativity International Awards check out my work here!


From ideation to creation, research is converted into motifs which are refined throughout each step of this poster's process.

  • Univers Progress Slide 1
  • Univers Progress Slide 2
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  • Univers Progress Slide 4
  • Univers Progress Slide 5


    Certain elements were reworked, simplified, and adjusted to land on the final composition.