Tom & Jerry: Animated Intro

Motion, Opening Sequence

Spring 2019

A 10 second opening sequence that uses typography to convey the contents of a show. The show is Tom and Jerry, a cartoon that dates back to the 30's, which features a cat and a mouse which, always get into fights. They get into altercations that involve every day objects being used for violence. Scroll down to learn more about my process and to see the final video!


Tom & Jerry is a slap-stick comedy. Trying to convey the thrill of the chase through typography was a huge challenge because the main characters are a cat and a mouse. There are also many ways to distill all of the violence in one action sequence. Below are my attempts at drafting some ideas for the opening sequence.


      Colors were chosen to spotlight elements of the cat and mouse. Orange represents Jerry. Blue represents Tom. The motif is a "TNT" box that gets triggered by Tom that follows a path that explodes the characters- referencing the comical weapons that would be used in the show.